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About our touch-up service

Whether your photos need color correction, brightening, saturating, sharpening, ... really for any type of problem, we can dramatically improve them. See a few examples below. We're just getting started so more will be added soon.

Before and After Examples

Brightening and Vibrance - This example just needed a little brightening and color correction then brush work on the background to achieve the brilliant whites and vibrant colors of this piece with no distracting background dinginess.


Compositing - This collage was improved by adding a background, border and shadows. It's hard to see in this smaller example, but there was also a fair amount of pixelation in the image which was smoothed with hand retouching.


Color Correction - A common problem is color correction. Often it is much more subtle than the strong blue tint in the example below. If your item looks good in person, but just seems off in the photos, it is likely a color problem. We can expertly correct even the toughest color problems. Drawing from multiple photos in the examples below, we were able to determine the true color and match it.


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